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Pablo Escobar’ı Sevmek Türkçe 1080p izle

Loving Pablo

  • Yapım Yılı 2017
  • Film Süresi 2sa 3dk
  • Ülke İspanya
Pablo Escobar’ı Sevmek Türkçe 1080p izle - Loving Pablo izle başlıklı filmimiz İspanya'de 2017 yılında çekilmiştir. Javier Bardem is almost completely incoherent throughout most of the movie, and just sounds like someone who is drunk and has a mouthful of marbles.All around us were people who kept saying what did he say? I can understand him is he speaking English?Given the amount of money that actors are paid to portray a role these days they should have it should be written into their contract that there is a requirement for their dialogue to be delivered in a way that is clear and legible. If this is your craft and people cannot understand you then high time to take some elocution classes or look for another occupation.Like most reviews have stated this offering pales into comparison to the Narcos series, if you really must watch it then wait for a voice overdubbing version or look for full subtitles or you will be wasting your time. Loving Pablo indir (2017) seçeneğiyle hızlı ve 720p,1080p gibi hd kalitelerde indirebilirsiniz.

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