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Williams Türkçe 1080p izle


  • Yapım Yılı 2017
  • Film Süresi 1sa 49dk
  • Ülke İngiltere
Williams Türkçe 1080p izle - Williams izle başlıklı filmimiz İngiltere'de 2017 yılında çekilmiştir. Although it may not look like it from the outside, the Williams F1 team is deeply intertwined with the Williams family history, and that's what this documentary does so well. Bringing to life two fascinating sides of the story of the family, it's a riveting and powerfully emotional story that holds your interest from start to finish. It may occasionally get a little muddled when trying to pick a side to focus on, and is possibly a little inaccessible for non-F1 fans, but it's still a fascinating watch throughout.Now, I'm a big F1 fan. My favourite documentary of all time (and the highest rated film of all on this website) is Senna, a beautiful, elegant and thrilling tale of one of the sport's greatest drivers. Although I can't say that I found the same thrills in Williams as I did in Senna, I have to say that there is a lot about it that bears a likeness, particularly when it comes to the all-important topic of a thirst for competition in motor racing.The film is a piece about the Williams family, but there's no doubt that Sir Frank, the man who started the team, is the centre. Although he was never a driver, one of the most powerful messages that this documentary brings across is just how determined he was as a competitor, in whatever capacity. Through some incredibly difficult times over his years in F1, Frank's determination and obsession with the sport is so similar to the emotions that dominate Senna, and that's what sets up such an enthralling and emotionally affecting watch.I do worry that viewers who don't have the same fervour for motor racing may not be able to relate to the film as much, because there is so much focus on Frank Williams' unstoppable obsession despite all the dangers of motor racing, but if you are an F1 fan, or indeed a fan of pure competition, then it's very clear to understand how strongly the man has felt about the sport all his life. Williams indir (2017) seçeneğiyle hızlı ve 720p,1080p gibi hd kalitelerde indirebilirsiniz.